Will the pandemic affect the conveyancing process?

conveyancing process

The property market has shown its resilience during the pandemic. Now, as we move further into the new year, the market is starting to thrive. The last twelve months have seen changes across the board, with the conveyancing process no different. Traditional approaches have been forced to modernise in order to push through as many cases as possible. But now new confidence has come back to the market, as home-movers start to see beyond the approaching stamp duty holiday deadline on 31 March.

The property market is adaptable:

We have all made changes to our personal and professional lives during the last year. For many of us, technology has provided comfort in creating a balance between safety and a sense of normalcy. The same is true for the property market. By adopting practices such as virtual viewings and video appointments, transactions have been able to keep moving forward. As movers and industry professionals alike have now realised the benefits, these practices look set to become permanent.

Has the conveyancing process changed?

Although the conveyancing process remains the same, the popularity of online conveyancing solutions has grown. As more people embrace technology to help them achieve their goals, many are now confident in choosing an online solution. Without the necessity for physical appointments and exchanges of documents, more can be achieved without leaving your home. As a result, on average faster turnaround times and lower rates can be achieved than traditional conveyancing services.

What changes will occur in the conveyancing process?

The conveyancing industry is constantly changing, with online solutions at the forefront of this. While the conveyancing process remains the same, online conveyancing services are set to continue to grow. Special features such as instant quotes and live case tracking are some of the reasons for their popularity. But now customers have realised the value in a less disruptive approach to their daily lives, we expect to see further growth as we continue into the new year.

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