Terms and Conditions

All quotes are generated by Move Home Hub, a brand subsidiary of The Move Home Group Ltd. Move Home Hub works with companies to provide instant conveyancing quotes. Each quote is generated based on the information provided by you.

For accurate results, please ensure you have given the right information to calculate your conveyancing quote. If any information is not correct, the quote may be void. All quotes are fixed for a straightforward conveyancing transaction and valid for 20 days from the time the quote was generated. Quotes are strictly valid for properties based in England and Wales.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

Move Home Hub and its partner companies will require a file opening setup fee to start your transaction. We will start working on your instruction instantly and part of your file opening fee and any other disbursements spent on your behalf will not be refundable, so Move Home Hub reserves the right to retain the admin charge of £55, which is part of your quoted legal or survey fee, should you cancel the transaction within the 1st 14 days, plus any disbursements spent, this amounts to the cost of setting up your file. If you do decide to cancel your instruction within 14 days you will be entitled to your full file opening fee minus our admin charge and any disbursement’s paid out.

Payment Flow and Delivery Policy

As soon as we are instructed we will start working for you immediately. With our file opening fee we will perform and purchase your AML (Anti Money Laundering Checks), purchase your home buyers insurance (should you need it) and calculate your financial statements for completion on behalf of your solicitors. Along with setting up your files on our platform. This will all then be transferred over to your solicitor. This work is carried out immediately and charged for immediately. All our charges are part of your quoted legal fees and are not charged as an extra on your quote. The balance of your fees are for your solicitor who may require some monies on account for searches or other disbursements. You will not be required to pay us any further monies

Privacy Policy – We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties


All solicitors introduced by Move Home Hub and/or its partner companies are regulated by the Solicitor Regulatory Authority (SRA) or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). You will automatically be opted into the buyer protection policy unless stated otherwise. This is listed as a disbursement and the cost will be required up-front to take immediate effect. Buyer Protection Insurance gives you additional protection for any loss in fees incurred with your survey and valuation, conveyancing and mortgage and arrangement fees should your property fall through no fault of your own. Buyer Protection Insurance will also cover you in the result of a gazumping situation. You accept that you may also be called by our partner companies to help with your conveyancing journey.

What is expected of you

Move Home Hub have forged partnerships with survey, removals and home insurance companies across England and Wales. If you prefer not to be contacted, please notify us.

We reserve the right to cease the case of any client at any stage during their transaction if any of our staff or the staff of the recommended solicitors or surveyors firm experience any rudeness or threatening behaviour from our clients. A refund or part refund will be offered, the amount of refund will be determined by the company and based upon the amount of work carried out.

You will have to pay your solicitor or surveyor for any disbursement costs incurred on your behalf should the property fall through. However if your property does fall through your legal fee will be covered by our ‘no move no fee protection policy. This ensures that in the event of your transaction falling through whether it is your fault or not, you will not have to pay another file opening setup fee and instead the same fee is used on any future conveyancing or survey transaction with the same solicitor or surveyor.

Virtual Advisor

Virtual Adviser uses analytics to provide statistics to help us give users the best experience when using the Virtual Adviser. The analytic function does not collect any information to personally identify you. Virtual Adviser will only store your data when you choose to submit your details. We will need to use your details in order to produce a mortgage illustration and confirm where the illustration should be sent. Mortgage products are sourced through Twenty7Tec. Upon receipt of your illustration you will be able to choose if you want to be contacted by one of our advisers. Our advisers will discuss your eligibility for the illustrated mortgage product and confirm how you would like to proceed. We will not contact you without your prior consent. If we have not heard from you in 60 days we will archive your information. Under FCA regulations we are required to retain your information. Data stored is encrypted and kept in line with our Data Retention Policy, in order to provide you with further information about our services and meet our regulatory requirements.

Data protection

We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties. We do share with some partner companies some data from time to time for the process of assisting with the development of related products.