Homebuyer Report

A Homebuyer Report is a popular survey that identifies and records issues in a property that may have a negative impact on the building’s value. Common issues that are found include damp or structural issues which if left unaddressed, can be expensive to fix further down the line. It only covers problems that are visible to the surveyor. It will not pick up anything through walls, underneath floorboards or checking any wiring for faults.

The report is written in plain and simple language, so there is no need to worry about confusing technical jargon. It is easy to read and uses a straightforward rating system, called “condition rating.” It ranges from one, for no repairs required, to three for urgent repairs or a full investigation.

Many homebuyers purchasing a new build think that this type of survey may not be necessary for their property. However, it is not restricted to older buildings. All properties can have faults, no matter their age, so a homebuyer report is a good idea to give you peace of mind before moving in. Most surveys will identify an area that can be improved. Often, they pick up on issues with building structure, electrics, and central heating.

Finding potential issues in the first instance can prevent unnecessary stress after you have moved in. Problems flagged up in a homebuyer report can allow you to budget for repair works in advance, or even let you agree with the seller for them to carry out the works before the process completes. This type of survey can give you these opportunities, that otherwise you may not get.

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