How online conveyancing services can help strengthen your chain!

online conveyancing services

For people looking to move property during COVID-19, many turned to online conveyancing services. They are known for delivering fast and smooth transactions, but they can also strengthen your position in your property chain. The term “property chain” is used to describe a group of home-movers that are buying and selling properties from each other. A property chain will often start with a first-time buyer and end with a seller who is not buying another property. There can be multiple links between the start and end of a chain, which is where the uncertainty comes in. If one link encounters a delay, the effects will be felt throughout the rest of the chain. However, online conveyancing services can help strengthen your position and create much-needed stability within your chain.

Make preparations with online conveyancing services

Some of the best advice to give someone setting out on the conveyancing journey is to get prepared quickly. Instructing a conveyancer as soon as possible is the best way to achieve this. However, many high street conveyancers and solicitors are currently inundated with work, largely due to the stamp duty holiday. This means they are having to turn many new cases away, as their capacity has already been reached. In contrast, online conveyancing services are built differently. They use a panel system, with multiple firms available to refer work to. This means that if one reaches capacity, the likelihood is there will be another firm to send your case to. Preparing quick is key to starting on the right foot with the rest of the chain.

Online conveyancing services utilise faster systems

One of the benefits of online conveyancing services is that they are always looking to speed up the process. You never have to visit an online firm, so scheduling and attending lengthy appointments are never required. Instead, most of the communication takes place by telephone and email, or updates on online case tracking systems. Not only does this make it quicker to get updates, but they also focus on making traditional processes faster. High street conveyancers complete identification and anti-money laundering checks after a customer delivers their original documentation to them. This process itself can take two weeks, but online firms have found a way to complete it in minutes! With online conveyancing services, the average transaction completes faster and will give you a strong position in your chain.

Get faster updates on your transaction

Communication is essential in ensuring a stable property chain. Regular updates will ease the concerns of each link, reducing the risk of someone pulling out due to lack of communication. But the pressures conveyancers are currently under can make getting updates more difficult than usual. Online conveyancing services often have direct lines of communication with conveyancing firms, making it easier to go through them. Often, they employ dedicated customer support teams to assist throughout the transaction, to answer simple queries and questions. The additional layer of support can be integral to keeping a chain stable, as it provides another avenue to get answers. Online tracking portals can also help solidify a chain, as customers can log on in real-time and check for updates. An up-to-date chain often equals a happy one, providing stability for every link.

Why choose Move Home Hub

At Move Home Hub, we are an online conveyancing solution with a panel of regulated conveyancers to refer cases to. You will receive details of your conveyancing firm instantly upon instruction, to prepare you early. We utilise modern technology to deliver a faster and smoother transaction for every customer, to give you peace of mind. Our dedicated support team is also on hand to guide you throughout your transaction. So, why wait? Start your conveyancing journey by getting a free online conveyancing quote from us today!

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