Why choosing the right conveyancer will make or break your purchase!


Nothing can beat the excitement of finding your perfect home. However, the process of buying it may not always be straightforward. This is where a conveyancer can help! Conveyancing is the process of changing the legal title of a property, best carried out by a conveyancer. Although you can choose to do this yourself, remember it is a specialist practice that is best left to someone legally qualified. Choosing the right conveyancer is essential to ensure your transaction goes smoothly. There are many factors to consider when selecting a conveyancer to handle your case, but we believe some considerations are essential when making your choice.

A modern solution

As technology continues to develop and adapt, the same can be said about conveyancing. More and more people are turning towards online conveyancing and survey solutions. Now more than ever before, safety precautions are at the forefront of our minds. This is one of the reasons that online conveyancing services have grown in popularity as they removed the necessity for face-to-face appointments. Documents can be sent in the post and forms can be filled out online. Online conveyancing services have been working this way since before the pandemic. As times remain uncertain, a technology-based conveyancing service can keep your transaction moving.

A fixed quote

A lot of high street conveyancers work at an hourly rate. This makes it hard to know exactly how much your purchase is going to cost you until the transaction completes. If something unexpected occurs along the way which requires extra work and time from the conveyancer, the more it is going to cost you. Make sure you choose a conveyancer the works at a fixed rate that can provide you with an upfront quotation. This will inform you how much your transaction will cost at the beginning of the process. As standard, online conveyancing services have lower operating costs involved and can usually give you a better price.

Excellent customer service

As we continue to move forward through the pandemic, we understand you might need a higher level of support than before. A conveyancing firm with excellent customer service will help keep your mind at ease. Good indications of this can be found in online reviews from previous customers who have used their services. Later opening hours as well as being available on weekends also shows a company that is willing to go the extra mile. Being open at times that are more likely to be convenient for you, shows the company puts the customer first.

Why choose Move Home Hub?

Move Home Hub is an innovative online conveyancing and survey service. Our network connects you to expert conveyancers that are perfectly matched to handle your case. We utilise modern technology to provide you with case tracking in real-time, so you are always up to date. We provide upfront quotations at a fixed rate to let you know the exact cost of your transaction. Our quotes are completely transparent with no additional fees and come with a no move, no legal fee guarantee! We believe excellent customer service is just as important as the conveyancing work. Our team is available seven days a week with late opening hours Monday to Thursday. We facilitate expert online conveyancing and survey solutions for every customer!

Get your conveyancing quote today!

Find out exactly how much your move will cost with a free quotation from Move Home Hub. Our innovative online estimate tool will generate a quote in seconds. You can discuss any questions you have with our dedicated team before moving forward. Start the process now by clicking here to get your quote and start the online conveyancing journey!

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